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SMM Point Detailed Review: What are their Services and How they have Packaged them

They have their own unique way of doing this and packaging the services that we are well aware of. This is an in-depth review of what SMM guys do, how they have productized their social media marketing and content management services and what services do they offer within their main categories.

There is this thing that encapsulates my observation of SMM Point, the company, offering its services from its the United Kingdom-based office, is not just another social media presence management company, but it is above and beyond that.

Even the social media management services offered by them are not shallow – they take care of each and every aspect of a particular social media forum and offer full coverage to their clients.

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1. Instagram Services

When you think of an SMM company offering SMM services, you picture a lone-ranger sitting somewhere on its computer doing all the stuff by simply delegating your presence to a VA somewhere in a Far East country.

This is not how SMM Point guys look at social media marketing. Take their Instagram services for example. I cannot help but admire how they productized the whole service, turn it into a “tangible” package, clearly lay down the features and included benefits and created their own space in a badly saturated market.

Let us take a look at how they achieved this:

A. Instagram Growth Assistant Tool

Other than the services that they offer, they have their own proprietary Instagram growth tool that helps influencers and businesses put their Instagram engagement and growth on auto-pilot.

Using the tool enables them to automatically update content – periodically, automatically welcome the newly acquired followers with a customizable message and target the people from a particular area and acquire fans from that area.

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B. Instagram Services

When I say that they productized-packaged the whole services thing I have reasons to say so. You can see that their Instagram package is a combo of a growth automation tool and services that ensure the kind of attention that you and/or your business deserve on IG.

I’ve shared brief details of the tool – here is everything that you need to know about the services:

  1. Buy Instagram Followers – This is the most lucrative deal for business owners, influencers, coaches/mentors/consultants who want to go leaps and bounds from 0 IG followers to 1000+ You can take a look at how they have productized the whole thing.
  2. Buy Instagram Likes – In case you are bent on getting more and more likes on your pictures you should try their Instagram Likes with Instant Delivery package. Since there are more than one package, you can choose the best one.
  3. Buy Instagram Automatic Likes – Now this is something interesting – for those who only want likes organically – from real people, this is the best service to try. It is definitely expensive when compared with the previous service, but it is a price justified.
  4. Buy Instagram Story Views – It has come to my attention that for people who sell course/consulting/services, the Instagram story is the best mode to get in touch with people at large. SMM Point offers you many packages so you can buy story views in bulk.
  5. Buy Instagram TV Views – There is a reason why marketers like Gary Vaynerchuk use videos as the primary mode of engagement on Instagram. Whether you need Instagram views on your video updates or longer videos on IG TV, you can get them from SMM Point.
  6. Buy Instagram Comments – While views and likes do mean a lot – these are the comments that reveal your target audience’s interest. They are also very important for social proof – you can get bulk comments from SMM Point.
  7. Buy Instagram Followers + Likes – For those who like the perfect combo of constant likes and followers, SMM Point’s Instagram Followers + Likes packages are very attractive.

2. Facebook Services

Facebook is the biggest social media network out there – in terms of the number of monthly active users as well as the size of content being shared every day.

The fact that Facebook owns Instagram, actually makes marketers’ lives easier because they can use one ad campaign for both networks.

Apart from the automation stuff, here are the Facebook-related services offered by SMMPoint:

  1. Buy Facebook Followers – Their service is geared to win maximum attention for your Facebook page, group and the content that you create to soft-sell your stuff. They offer fast delivery of followers and a satisfaction guarantee: packages galore.
  2. Buy Facebook Likes – Page likes matter a lot – trust me whenever I find a “big shot” marketer with page likes less than a thousand, I flinch. You need more than a lot of Facebook likes to even get noticed; good thing is that SMM Point offers affordable packages.
  3. Buy Facebook Video Views – Video is the new medium of content and a very entertaining way to engage with prospects. Your videos need a big number of views to win some credibility and SMM Point guys can do this.
  4. Facebook Photo/Post Likes – Facebook posts and photos – ones that you post in your group or page – are the best way to elicit social proof, engage with the target audience and then sell whatever one’s got to see. SMM Point offers 5 packages for photo and post likes. You can pick from the package that better suits your needs and budget.

I’d like to share a little note here about how they narrowed down their market and formed their services.

As you can see, Instagram is the center of their attention and Facebook just got as much attention as Twitter and YouTube did.

This can be good because they niched down and picked a social network with great potential – but one that is not the biggest one.

But this can be bad as well – what if there is a big segment of market (Facebook users) who need more than 4 simple services?


3. Twitter Services

With more than 330 million monthly active users, Twitter is not as big as Facebook, but then it does not have to compete with Facebook.

As a matter of fact – Twitter created its own market and the people on Twitter will not quit it for another network – not as long as brief, crisp and concise Tweets are in fashion.

People at SMM Point seem to be aware of the fact that just like LinkedIn, Twitter is also home to real people – especially professionals, celebrities and famous people from all walks of life.

They offer 3 services to choose from.

  1. Buy Twitter Favorites – Twitter Favorites (now Likes – yes the heart that you touch) are the best kind of social proof on Twitter – perhaps only retweets appear to be more legitimate than them. And we all know the importance of social proof – SMM Point allows you to buy these likes with fast delivery and satisfaction guarantee. There are 4 packages to choose from.
  2. Buy Twitter Followers – Twitter is the social media forum where number of people you follow and those that follow you matter a lot. It is the kind of social networking where traction is everything – if you want to appear as a niche authority, a few hundred followers is only the jump-off point. You need thousands of them and SMM Point’s packages make it affordable for you.
  3. Buy Twitter Retweets – On Twitter, if there is anything more solid than a favorite/like, it is a retweet. Retweets establish authority, they reflect the time and efforts you invested in networking on Twitter and make important work relationships. However – it is not very easy to get a decent number of retweets organically. This is where SMM Point helps you with 8 different packages to choose from. Pick any of these affordable packages as per your budget and requirements and get as many retweets as you want.

4. YouTube Growth Services

Since the advent of video ads on YouTube, this video sharing platform gained more than some traction and now all internet entrepreneurs, coaches, mentors, consultants, and even businesses run their video ads to reach out to the target audience and then retarget them all over the internet.

SMM Point is definitely aware of this phenomenon and their YouTube Growth Services encapsulate everything that needs to be done on YouTube.

  1. YouTube Comments – All YouTubers are aware of this fact that after subscriptions, the most important social signals on YouTube are the YouTube comments. Your video might have a huge number of views and likes, but if it does not have enough organic comments, then it is as if your content is worthless. SMM Point understands the need for YT comments and their 4 packages make it easier for you to pick one as per your budget and requirements.
  2. YouTube Subscribers – Everyone loves them – they validate a YouTuber’s existence and the very right to create new content and publish it. Subscribers are like bank balance – they prove how worthy is your YouTube asset and this is why it is no longer easy to get a big number of subscribers. The competition is tough and every niche is so saturated; SMM Point’s 7 packages make it easy for you to pay for the exact number of subscribers that you need.
  3. YouTube Likes – While comments and subscribers matter a lot, let us not forget the importance of YouTube likes. We know that YouTubers brag about the number of likers their new videos get within 24 hours to one week. Since every YouTube is on a content creation spree it is getting harder and harder to win organic likes. SMM Point has got 8 different packages starting from as low as $3 – rest assured that you can get YT likes as per your budget and the numbers you have in your mind.
  4. YouTube Views – We all know that comments, subscribers and likes are very important – but the minute a famous singer uploads a video on YouTube, the litmus test of that track’s success is none of the mentioned 3 factors. It is the number of views that everyone cares about – you touch a million and you reserve a special place on YouTube to your name. SMM Point helps you achieve 1000 to 1 million views with its 10 packages starting at $6.
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5. Other Services

Apart from selling traction on these famous social media forums, SMM Point also offers similar services for some less famous social sharing and networking platforms. The purpose is definitely to diversify their services, but I personally believe that sticking to main social media network could be a better strategy.

  1. SoundCloud – You cans buy SoundCloud downloads, followers or plays – just like the case with rest of their services, you can choose to either have organic results or automated ones. There are 6 packages for downloads, 6 for followers and 6 for plays. Apart from these 3 specific types of results, you can go for a combo of all of them by acquiring their SoundCloud services.
  2. Spotify – These two apps are very similar – because they’re all about music and sound sharing. So, it is good that SMM Point extended the reach a little bit and included Spotify services two. They provide two of those services – Spotify Followers and Spotify Plays. The former comes with 8 different packages starting at $195.19 and the latter comes with 7 different packages starting at $3.93.

   6. Conclusion

Every business – as it evolves and moves to the stages of growth and maturity – has to make some tough decisions.

Would you rather go for diversification and try to present services that encompass a wide array of platforms, forums, and niches or you’d like to niche down and call that one niche truly yours – is a tough question.

It appears that SMM Point picked diversification and while my personal favorite mantra is niching down, I’d say that not only they seem to have fully grasped the conventions of diversification, but their implementation is also near perfect.

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OUR RATING 4.4/5   satar

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